Hello! My name is Jason Campbell, a working animator within the Vancouver B.C. area, thank you for visiting my site! I have been professionally working in the animation industry since 1997. My work experience has ranged from using pencil and paper in “Classical Animation’ in the late 90’s in Character Animation, Animation Assisting, FX  Animation to FX Assisting, to working using Flash or Adobe Animate and Toon Boom Harmony from 2002 to the present.  I have worked doing Animation, Supervising Animation, Layout or ‘Background Artist’,  Layout Supervisor, Animation Builds in Animate AND Harmony, Storyboard Rev Artist, Storyboard Artist, some compositing, AFX and Graphic Design. I have worked in multiple mediums, Feature Films, TV, Console Games, Social Media Games and Internet Animation/ Games. SO! If you need any sort of professional artwork or animation done, please reach out!